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Wordpress Hosting vs Web Hosting Difference

WordPress hosting vs Web hosting which one to choose, is the most discussed and argued topic for anyone who is looking to host their website. WordPress hosting is a sub-cagetorised or specialised web hosting service. They both have their advantages, but it’s essential to understand the distinctions between them so you can choose which one will work best for your website needs.


This read explores the primary differences between WordPress hosting and web hosting and how to choose between the two.

The short answer is, WordPress hosting can be defined as a type of web hosting optimized particularly for WordPress niche and which helps to manage and operate WordPress sites.

With a WordPress host, you will have plenty of features and services designed for WordPress sites. These features and facilities depend on your WordPress hosting plans and also vary according to hosting providers. Some common features that almost all hosts offer are one-click installation, software updates, and a team of support staff who are always ready to give customized support when needed.


What is Web Hosting?

To simplify, web hosting refers to a general phrase and defines the process of a company looking for a spot online to host their website on the online world.

A web host works by allocating space on a server to store the files associated with your website and provide internet connectivity. This allows your site, which may be small or large in scale, to go live online so that it can appear through search engine results pages (SERPs).

As mentioned above, web hosting is nothing specific; instead, it is an umbrella term and has many different types. Besides, you will find several web hosting service provides on the market with varying hosting plans and features.

If you are looking to build a personal or business website, the first thing you need to make it available online is some kind of web hosting. Without hosting, you cannot make your website visible online.

We at RShosting, offer one of the best web hosting solutions which are suitable for small sized websites to large enterprise business websites. We also offer affordable domain registrations, which will help you choose the perfect domain name, that will help you establish your online identity.

What’s the difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting?

The significant difference between web hosting and WordPress hosting is that web hosting refers to an overarching and extensive service. In contrast, WordPress hosting is a niche designed mainly for WordPress installs.

Web hosting can be any type of hosting service that keeps a website’s data on a server and makes the site online. A web host provides a variety of site builders, and the websites hosted on their servers are running on different platforms.

WordPress hosting is a niche or type of web hosting. Almost all WordPress hosting use shared servers and host several websites. However, all sites on a shared server will be WordPress websites. WordPress hosting providers provide customized solutions, customer services and help in optimizing the site’s performance.

Some other differences between the two are as follow. Have a look:

WordPress Hosting

  • Website share server space with other sites in WordPress Hosting.
  • It is usually optimized to improve WordPress performance along with other features such as security.
  • It is optimize WordPress website only for WordPress based users and owners.

It has different facilities such as one-click install for WordPress, necessary plugins come pre-installed for your website, and a support team is always there for you.

It is expensive than web hosting but it has more facilities and features.

It offers plenty of options and handy add-on to run website smoothly.

WordPress hosting is simple to use, ideal for beginners, etc.

It has plenty of security features and plugins to protect website from various threats.

Web Hosting

  • Several websites share server space in web hosting.
  • Generally, it needs to be optimized to enhance site’s performance.

It is intended towards solving problems of clients.

Web hosting offer features such as space and bandwidth, hosting plans, etc.


Usually, it is cheaper than WordPress Hosting.

Add-ons are less than the WordPress hosting in the web hosting.

Its main benefits are much better website speed, performance, reliability, uptime, etc.

It is not that secured in comparison with the WordPress hosting.

WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting – Which one to use:

Before choosing any option, there are some questions that you should answer. These simple questions will help you to choose which one is better for your business and website. Questions to consider are:

Do you want to build or start a WordPress website?

If your answer is yes, WordPress hosting is the best option for you. If the answer is no, look for the best web hosting plan per your site’s demands. For WordPress sites, general web hosting from any reliable host will work fine.

Can you maintain the website smoothly and by yourself ?

If you cannot, you should opt for the best managed WordPress hosting as the web host will look after your site’s updates, backups, and caching. However, if you can maintain your website, you can go with WordPress hosting or web hosting.

Furthermore, it also depends on your business needs and approach. So, choose wisely as maintaining a website along with other activities can be daunting.

Can you protect your website?

If you cannot deal with the site’s security, we recommend going with WordPress hosting. The server hosting your website will provide or use all the necessary features and security protocols to manage security issues with this pick.

Besides, almost all WordPress hosting plans come with pre-installed security plugins that protect your website from various threats such as ransomware, malware, and other cyber security issues.

However, if you can protect your website, you can opt for a secure web hosting plan. Plus, you can take help from online guides and tutorials to protect your site if needed.

What about your budget?

If budget is not an issue, it is best to invest in premium WordPress hosting. By doing so, you can get the convenience of various handy features and tools.

What are your WordPress expertise and knowledge?

If you are a beginner, WordPress hosting is perfect for you and includes excellent site management support and assistance. But experts and professionals can also use WordPress hosting if they want. But web hosting is not the best option for beginners as it includes more intuitive management.

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