What is the Difference Between Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting

Every person who is newly introduced to the world of web hosting, once he gets to know more about how Web Hosting and Website Hosting works, how WordPress Hosting works, What is WordPress Hosting or how Domain name is registered, how website is designed or created or uploaded… at some point of his learning curve, he definitely has this question in mind..

What is the difference between Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting?


Which web hosting to choose? Shared Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting ?

What is the difference between shared hosting and managed WordPress Hosting

Let us explore the differences between to the two and get to know what exactly is the difference between Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a cost-effective way to host your website. Your website will share the web server’s resources with others in shared hosting. This way, the costs are much less than the other hosting types.

Furthermore, almost all shared hosting service providers allow you to install plugins, programs, and you can host WordPress sites, Joomla sites, and many more.

To simplify things, shared hosting is a budgeted and entry-level hosting type to host your site.

WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is also a WordPress-specific service that includes advanced features and dedicated support from the service provider’s team. The hosting is much more innovative than shared WordPress hosting and includes various performance optimizations, security protocols, and handy features that help optimize and host your WordPress site.

In this hosting, you’ll get an auto caching facility at the server end, specific security features and rules, automatic updates, and much more.

Keeping things simple, managed WordPress hosting is an advanced and premium hosting service that comes with everything needed to successfully run and host a WordPress site.

Differences Between Shared and Managed WordPress Hosting

There are apparent differences between shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting. Below are some significant differences between these WordPress hosting types:


In a shared WordPress hosting, you will have to use and share the hosting server’s resources with other websites hosted on that server.

This means you will be using limited power from your shared WordPress hosting due to other websites hosted on your server. In addition, you cannot use some plugins due to restrictions imposed by your host.

Conversely, if you have a managed WordPress hosting plan, you will have smooth access and control over your site. Thus you can customize your site as per your needs, install all supported plugins and remain updated about your visitor statistics.

Site speed

In terms of speed, managed WordPress hosting has the upper hand. Your site will be a bit slower in shared hosting because of limited and shared resources. However, these hosting plans are cost-effective, and you can also add extra web servers to improve its processing capability.

Managed WordPress hosting is faster than shared ones, and you can utilize the host’s resources completely.


Managed hosting plans include enhanced security, speed, and unrivaled reliability. You cannot make the security tweaks in shared plans due to shared resources.


With so many benefits, you might be thinking that managed WordPress hosting is ideal for all types of users. But you need to think twice before finalizing your decision.

The cost of managed WordPress hosting plans is higher than its shared counterparts. Typically the price is between $15 – 100 per month. The cost also depends on the plan and features you opt for.

Still, if you think managed hosting is ideal for you, consider these things before paying for it:

  • High upfront cost but reduced maintenance expenses.
  • Monthly costs indeed are higher, but resources are many.

On the other hand, shared WordPress hosting is cheaper, and its costs from $5 to $20 monthly. Thus it is more affordable for many users.

The cheap pricing of these hosting plans makes it the perfect option for those who have new sites or don’t need heavy bandwidth for their sites.


You will see the term ‘unlimited bandwidth’ when shopping for a hosting plan. However, it is not the reality. Typically, service providers assign a specific bandwidth or resources for your website. And if you utilize more bandwidth than allowed, they will charge you extra or ask you to upgrade your hosting plan.

Remember, there is a bandwidth limit for both managed and shared hosting plans. Moreover, in a shared WordPress hosting, your host will divide your bandwidth and resources with other websites, so you will see fluctuations in your bandwidth.

In terms of bandwidth, managed WordPress hosting plans are more reliable, and your website will get the allocated bandwidth from the host.

Shared Hosting vs. Managed Hosting: Which One to Pick?

Choosing the hosting type and service mainly relies on your business needs and other factors. To summarize:

You Should Go With Shared WordPress Hosting If:

You have a new site: If your website is new or has low traffic. For example, if your site gets 300 to 500 visitors daily, a reliable shared host is sufficient.

You don’t have a problem with “above average” results: If you are experienced or put extra effort into optimizing your website, a high-quality shared hosting can deliver “above average” performance, especially if your website gets low traffic.

You can do website management by yourself: If you’re satisfied and apply updates for your website, take back up your website manually or via a plugin, protect your website, and do other routine maintenance stuff, you can opt for a shared WordPress hosting for your site.

You Should Go With a Managed WordPress Hosting If:

Your website gets high traffic: Despite publicizing “unlimited” bandwidth and resources, shared hosts are not capable enough to manage a fully functional and high-traffic website. As your online business expands or grows, you will have to get extra resources and bandwidth available in managed WordPress hosting plans.

Your website is your business: If your business depends on your official website, don’t think much and go with managed WordPress hosting. For example, running an eCommerce store and a little downtime can leave a bad impression on your visitors. In this case, only managed hosting will suit your business website.

You can pay for convenience and focus on other things: With managed hosting, there is no need to spend time maintaining or optimizing your website. Experts will handle these things, and you can focus on other key business areas.

You need the fastest site speed and page load time: Your website will run and appear faster on managed WordPress hosting than the others. So if speed is your top priority, shared hosting is not for you.