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Reasons to switch to WordPress Hosting providers

Are you tired of your website loading slowly? Are you paying too much for your current web hosting provider? If so, it may be time to switch to a new provider. In this blog post, we will explore some of the reasons why you should switch to WordPress hosting providers.


We will also provide tips on making the transition as smooth as possible. Keep reading to learn more!

WordPress is a free OpenSource CMS application that is available at WordPress.org. If you have to host your website at WordPress.org then it will be a subdomain followed by wordpress.org. This is one major reason to opt for paid or premium WordPress Hosting provider where you can have WordPress installed on your own domain and get benefit of full control while editing / managing your WordPress website.

Top 7 reasons to change your hosting provider

Some reasons for this change include:


Better Performance from Hardware

Do you know around 50% of mobile users do not wait longer than three seconds for a website to load?

Most site owners realize the importance of website speed. It directly impacts visitor retention rates as well as your site’s search engine rankings in SERPs. In simple words, a slower site will not only lose its ranking in the search engine, but it also hands over its revenue to the competition. While the website’s structure plays an essential role in speed performance, the hardware it utilizes also impacts its speed and functionality.

For example, Static State Drives or SSD can give you a significant boost in speed compared to traditional hard drives. Because there will be no moving components, these storage drives can access data quickly without fragmentation.

In simple words, your website will work much fast on the SSD than it will on the regular HDD.

Apart from hard drives are, there are many other parts that can boost a slower site and improve its overall performance.

Improving Bandwidth Usage

Another common reason most users think about switching hosting companies is bandwidth usage. However, some will revamp shared hosting to offer a better user experience. Unluckily, not all hosting companies take such measures to improve your site’s performance.

Anyone who develops a website wants to gain more traffic. More visitors on the website means more potential for making a good amount of money. Unfortunately, not all hosting providers can keep up with the high number of visitors.

In most cases, it is also seen that hosting providers add extra fees to those sites that utilize excessive bandwidth. Thus if your hosting provider cannot sustain your site’s growth, it’s time to think about replacing the hosting provider

Improving Security

Having reliable security is the primary responsibility of both the website owner as well as of the host. As a web site owner, you need to protect your site. The hosting company should provide various firewalls and other similar features to protect the user’s privacy and maintain the server from potential threats.

The more security a website owner and the host deliver in tandem; the more robust will be your site and its performance. The truth is, several security measures rely on the overall efficiency of the hosting providers.

Improved Customer Service

A lot of users will pay a hefty amount of money just to get a satisfactory consumer experience. This is the main selling point of many businesses.

However, customer service doesn’t mean a smooth interaction with the company’s support. When you submit an issue via a ticket, how long does it take to get answered? How many times have you raised a ticket in the last year?

Some users can go for years without raising a technical support ticket to a company. While this could mean those individuals were lucky enough, a more appropriate explanation is that the company provides adequate customer support and a solid foundation.

Unlimited Growth Potential

Another significant reason to change your hosting service provider is the growth potential. We have mentioned bandwidth earlier, but in reality, the term ‘growth’ defines more than just how many visitors your website receives.

What if you want to expand the website outside the allotted space? Will your service provider help you at this stage by branching out, or will you be stuck into the set size for your website?

Another aspect that defines growth is getting more than a single domain. Many people on the Internet operate with several business platforms from one specific hosting account.

Unfortunately, not all service providers provide these facilities and hinder your website’s growth.

The Use of a CDN

Content Delivery Networks are necessary, especially when it’s about speed and functionality. Essentially, a CDN makes copies of your web pages and stores them on different servers worldwide. When visitors access your site from any specific location, a CDN gives them access to the closest copy.

Moreover, using a CDN eliminates various issues that arise due to the distance between a visitor and the server’s location.

You can only be as quick as the slowest router. If there is any issue anywhere along that connection, your site will load a lot slower.

Not all web hosting companies offer this efficient speed-boosting mechanism. While it’s still probable for a standard business website to load faster without a CDN, it will not be beneficial when you look at it in the long run. This also means that your competitors can surpass you and acquire your customers as well as your site’s rankings in the SERPs.

RShosting offers a choice of CDN powered by Cloudflare CDN and Quic.cloud CDN. By hosting your websites on RSHosting servers, you benefit for CDN choice included free of cost with Web Hosting services.

Better Control and Access

Quick access to your site’s root directory and database are not the only options you will need when working in a web hosting environment. BY the term ’control,’ we mean whether or not you can install any program or app on your site.

Several businesses use exclusive software designed for a particular purpose. Everything from eCommerce websites to customer services may need these applications. You may need full control of your site’s email system, especially when your company hires many users.

Can you make sure everyone has a working email address? Are emails protected via a proper spam filter? These are some questions that you need to ask when considering a hosting platform.

Similarly, smooth access to the domain and subdomain system is also vital. All these features and access to them are vital for your site’s growth, and access to these resources will help you a lot in your future endeavors.

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