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How Much Does WordPress Hosting Cost?

WordPress is a reliable option if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to start your business website or a blog. However, there are many things that you need to consider before diving in headfirst. One of the most important aspects of starting your own website is figuring out how much WordPress hosting will cost. Fortunately, we can help!


WordPress is one of the most extensive and free, open source content management systems (CMS), but still, it will cost you some bucks to build and run a WordPress website on this platform. You need to consider a few expenses from a domain name (~$12.99 per year) to reliable web hosting costing around $3 to $20 per month) to premium themes and plugins costing you $29 to $99).

Overall, you can expect a normal WordPress website will cost you around $50 to $300 or $400 to $10,000+ for a professional website design. And be ready to spend a few more bucks, around $3 to $25 monthly, on its maintenance.

Cost to Develop, Design, and Maintain a WordPress Website

Typically a WordPress site has four elements; web hosting, themes, plugins, and designing. Averagely, the costs of these tasks (if you can do it yourself) are between $70 and $300, while the average charges of outsourcing these tasks to a skilled web developer will cost you anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.


DIY vs. Hiring Professionals for Your WordPress Website Design

As the website or business owner, you can design the site by yourself. Or you can outsource the task to a professional designer. Designing your site is common thanks to website builders even if you have no technical knowledge, these builders are entirely free. Conversely, hiring a skilled web designer ensures that your site will feature a professional and attractive loo, but the process of outsourcing the task might cost you a hefty amount.

WordPress Website Design Costs

Let’s discuss WordPress web designing costs by its build type:

Do it yourself (DIY): Naturally, this process won’t cost you anything, but you might have to face some charges when developing your own website (e.g., if you use a premium page builder plugin, like Elementor, for around $49).

Hire a professional developer or designer: this process can be expensive and ranges from $300 to $10,000+, depending on various factors that you need in your website.

Now let’s take a look at some other factors associated with the cost of a WordPress website so that you can make an informed decision.

WordPress Website Theme Costs

Almost all WordPress websites are developed using the themes, which also serve as a template. While you can pick from plenty of free themes, or you can opt for premium themes costing you from $30 to $80 or even higher.

Businesses or websites go with premium themes because they are more professionally appealing and bring more functionality with fewer customizations and thus need less time to build.

Free WordPress themes cost you: $0

Premium WordPress themes will cost you: $30 to $80.

WordPress Domain Costs

All business websites have a dedicated domain name such as mybusinessname.com. So if you don’t have one, you will have to buy one from a domain name registrar. RHosting offers .com domain registrations from as low as $12.99 per year and you can register one as per your choice by searching for available domain names at below link:

Domain registration OR Domain transfer

On the other hand, you can get it without paying anything via a hosting plan like “Free Domain with Web Hosting” to make your website available online.

WordPress Hosting Costs

If you want your business website to be present in the online world, website builders must store their website files on a reliable hosting server that you can use and access via a domain name like www.mybusiness.com. Many providers provide this service. The cost is between $3 to $25 monthly, depending on various factors and tools from storage to bandwidth limit to add-ons, like a free business email and a paid or free SSL certificate.

Some web hosting providers that you can consider are given below for your perusal:

DreamHost: One of the best web hosting providers with reasonable pricing options and top-quality web hosting with web hosting plans as low as $2.59 monthly.

HostGator: this hosting is the best for content-heavy websites due to its unlimited storage and bandwidth for all web hosting plans. HostGator hosting Prices start at $2.75 monthly.

Bluehost: This is the best for businesses and startups developing a new site as its hosting plans come with all the features you will need to develop, launch, and maintain your business website. Bluehost’s hosting services are also affordable, and you can get them for $2.95 monthly.

RSHosting: This is also a great hosting solution for new sites as well as for established entities. RShosting, a 2003 established company; offers all the features such as Twin Turbo WordPress Optimization, 5GB SSD disk space, 20GB monthly bandwidth, and Unlimited CPU Cores that too in at an affordable price. Our starter WordPress hosting plan is suitable for one website, and you can get it for as low as 3$ only!

There’s a lot to look for when choosing the best WordPress web hosting, and their plans vary significantly in price and performance. We recommend you take your time to understand your exact needs and look for the right service provider.

WordPress Website Plugin Costs

WordPress sites are dependent on various plugins for additional and smooth functionality—from SEO tools and analytics to payment processors and booking systems. While most plugins are free, you will find some premium versions that will be available at an additional cost. The prices range significantly from $10 to $100 monthly or more. Besides, some premium plugins have annual charges, while some plugins have a one-time fee.

Some details of the most popular WordPress plugins are given below for your ready reference:

  • Jetpack: Free and premium extensions cost you around $4 to $48 monthly.
  • Akismet: Free and premium version for $9 monthly.
  • Yoast SEO: Free, while its premium version costs a one-time fee of around $89.
  • Elementor: Free; premium version costs around $49 yearly.
  • MonsterInsights: Free while its premium plans start from $199 yearly.
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