How Managed WordPress Hosting can benefit your business?

How Managed WordPress Hosting Can benefit your business

Many website owners and bloggers know that WordPress is a popular and powerful blogging platform. But what many don’t realize is the importance of managed WordPress hosting for their business. Hosting your site on a managed WordPress host can help you increase traffic, provide constant updates to your site in real-time, have more control over your content, and much more.

Read our blog post to learn about all the benefits managed WordPress hosting can offer for your business.

Advantages Of Managed WordPress Hosting For Online Businesses:

Managed WordPress offers these fundamental benefits to all businesses.

High Availability And Uptime

Website availability and uptime are vital factors in terms of search engine rankings and user experience. Thus if you have an online business, you cannot ignore both these crucial elements. Downtime means a direct loss of income and consumers for an online business.

Besides, negatives in these departments can significantly affect your brand’s reputation. Most web hosts advertise 99% uptime with fast speed, but that’s not the case. Often hosts are unable to provide 99% uptime.

Another thing to remember is that websites with high visitors put too much load on web servers mainly due to Word Press’s dynamic functionality. While managed, WordPress hosting is optimized by experts specifically for WordPress sites using smart caching and database solutions. This optimization ensures that your website remains responsive and functional even during peak times.

Expert’s Backing

General hosting providers are not experts in WordPress hosting, and thus they often have difficulties addressing WordPress-related technical issues. Shared and VPS hosting services are much cheaper than managed hosting, but when your site runs into a severe technical problem like a security breach or speed issues, it might take several days to resolve the issues through shared and VPS hosts.

During this period, your site will remain down, resulting in income loss, and it will leave a bad impression on your consumer base.

However, things don’t work in managed WordPress hosting, even if the issue is severe. Expert WordPress technical support is continually monitoring your website. Plus, most managed hosting service providers assist you in dealing with security issues.

The team specializes in WordPress-related problems, and they precisely know how to diagnose and manage such problems while maintaining minimum downtime.

Modern Hosting Stack

A high-quality and skilled Managed WordPress Hosting Service provider constantly tests the modern hardware and software to deliver the best hosting environment tailored for WordPress websites. They have a modern hosting tech stack to efficiently handle the specific demands of WordPress users and sites.

Automatic Updates

WordPress core system and applications are up-to-date in Managed WordPress Hosting. Besides, necessary plugins are automatically updated by hosts to power your website. These things are vital for your site’s security, performance, and compatibility.

A well-managed WordPress hosting will deal with these issues. They are constantly working to keep your software up-to-date and monitor how they impact your site’s performance through automated tests. If they detect any problem, they will roll back that specific update.

WordPress Specific Security

Shared WordPress hosting packages don’t offer dedicated assistance if your website gets hacked or faces any attack from malware. However, when working with a quality managed WordPress host, your hosting will employ a team to look after your website and its security.

Additionally, the routine software updations and a dedicated hosting environment ensure that your online business remains protected from hackers, bots, and other similar threats.

Premium DNS

In simple words, the Domain Name System, aka DNS, can be defined as the internet’s phone book. When you type a domain name, for example,, into your internet web browser, the browser will utilize the particular DNS address to translate the domain name into an IP address and allow you to access your desired webpage.

Moreover, after investing your precious time and efforts in your business site, seeing it offline is not the ideal thing. For this purpose, you should go with a premium DNS.

Keep in mind that standard shared or VPS hosting plans and a few Managed WordPress hosts don’t provide premium DNS. So, when signing up with any host, ensure to verify the same from their officials. Premium DNS becomes a necessity when you have a well-established online presence.

Developer-Friendly Feature and Tools

If your web development team wants to work on your hosting server’s environment, you should go with Managed WordPress Hosting, as they offer various developer-friendly features and tools. This is another significant benefit that you won’t get from shared WordPress hosting services.

In managed WordPress hosting, you and your team can access special tools such as SSH, staging, GIT, and WP-CLI, along with other essential tools like SFTP, database, and server logs. Besides, managed WordPress hosting providers also offer satisfactory support for various PHP extensions.

Some WordPress developers also need REST API, and managed hosting provides that as well. This is handy for those who want to integrate their web host into their CMS or workflows to add new websites under the same web hosting account.


Scalability can be defined as the ability to efficiently and quickly handle a sudden rise in a website’s traffic, which is vital for any online business. If your online business receives a sudden rise in visitors due to any reason, you will definitely need more resources to manage this issue.

Luckily, WordPress is highly scalable if the hosting is optimized for that, and it can manage these issues easily. As your business expands and receives more visitors, you will need additional features and resources such as bandwidth to keep things smooth and controlled.

At the same time, the use of data is beneficial for most online businesses. In this case, your website host should be capable enough to scale fluidly and avoid crashing if your site gathers more information than expected from users.

Again, this scalability is not available in shared hosting plans as they are not recommended for high-traffic websites. Hence, managed WordPress hosting can also benefit your business in this scenario.