Black Friday Sale 2021

Black Friday 2021 Sale Upto 80% Off on Cloud Hosting

Black Friday 2021 Sale

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Black Friday 2021 is just around the corner and while everyone is eagerly awaiting for best discount and offers of the year, RSHosting is proud to announce that we will be offering the “Biggest” Black Friday sale till date which will include upto 80% OFF on Cloud Web Hosting including WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Cloud VPS, Domain name registrations and much more !

Yes you just read the most astonishing offer of the season …!! Black Friday discount as huge as 80% off the original price is the best bargain offer that you can signup for and host your website with the hosting company that offers exceptional fast speed for your website with 99.9% guaranteed uptime !

But wait …. There is a catch !! This offer is going to be limited for the first 100 signups and will last only for a few minutes !!

So you need to be on your toes and vigilant enough to make it within those first 100 customers once the offer kicks in, on 26th of November 2021 at 14:00 hours i.e 2:00pm GMT / 9.00am EST. 

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How does Black Friday Offer work?

RShosting Black Friday 2021 Sale will start at 1400 hours GMT i.e 9:00 hours EST. Our BlackFriday discount coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY2021” will get activated across our WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Cloud VPS and Domain registration plans.

BlackFriday 2021 Coupon Code : BLACKFRIDAY2021

For all those who have subscribed to our “push” notifications from our website you will receive an alert in your browser or on mobile, about the sale going live.

Our Black Friday 2021 discount coupon will be offering 80% discount on our web hosting plans and the offer will be applicable and valid for first 100 signup’s on “first come and first serve” basis. The offer is applicable only for those orders which have been completely paid at the time of signup.

Incomplete or unpaid orders do not qualify for 80% discount and will automatically get cancelled, and the offer will be passed on to next signup in queue, till the count reaches of 100 paid and completed orders.

Our Black Friday 80% Discount offer will automatically close as soon as 100th customer signup. The Black Friday Discount will immediately get downgraded to 70% discount offer and will be valid for the next 150 signups, similar to other rules and qualification criteria as mentioned above.

Once our system hits the 150 order mark for 70% Offer, our system will downgrade to 60% discount to be continued till 29th of November 2021 23:59 hours GMT.

Black Friday Discount for Existing customers

While the above 80% discount offer is for “new” signup’s only, we at RSHosting thought, why should the existing customers refrain from such an extravagant discount season 🙂

Yes RSHosting existing customers can equally get benefitted with the upcoming BlackFriday of 2021 where they can have funds added to their account in terms of credit, and RShosting Black Friday offer will add 80% of their amount as additional credit, to their account.

For eg, if you use “Add Funds” option in your RSHosting client portal and add $100 to your account. RShosting will add 80% of $100 i.e $80 as additional credit.

This way, you will have a total of $180 credited amount to your account. These funds can be used for your future renewals or purchases.

But please note, this is a limited offer and valid only for first 100 existing customers who “add Funds” to their account. As soon as our system hits the 100th transaction for existing customer, the free credit amount will drop down to 60% and will continue till 29th of November 2021.

How to add funds?

Black Friday offer for existing customer kicks in at 1400 hours GMT i.e 9:00 hours EST. If you are an existing customer, you need to login to your RShosting client portal and navigate to Billing -> Add funds.

Direct link to access 

RSHosting Black Friday 2021 - Terms and Conditions

RShosting Black Friday 2021 Sale is a limited time offer which will start at 1400 hours GMT i.e 9:00 hours EST. 

By signing up to our Black Friday 2021 offer, you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions published on our website. In addition to our terms and conditions, you also abide by below listed terms :

  1. 1. In order to qualify for RShosting discount sale you should complete the payment for your new order invoice at the time of signup. Unpaid invoices do not qualify for Black Friday discount offer
  2. 2. All sales and payments made during RShosting Black Friday 2021 sale period do not qualify for any kind of refunds or money back guarantee.
  3. 3. RShosting reserves the right to approve / disapprove any order or sale made during RSHosting Black Friday 2021 sale offer.
  4. 4. RShosting Black Friday Sale offer is limited to one order per one customer only.
  5. 5. RShosting Black Friday offer for existing customers where they can “Add Funds” to match our 80% offer, do not qualify for any kind of refunds or money back guarantee.
  6. 6. Invoice generated  while using “Add Funds” option need to be fully paid at the time of adding funds, to qualify for funds match offer.