How long RSHosting has been in business?

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RShosting started its web hosting business in 2003.

With several web hosting companies blooming in early 2003, Joseph Painter saw a desperate need of a reliable hosting company that would care for its customers like its own family and offer super-friendly personal touch support.

Birth of RSHosting:

19th October 2003 saw registration of as an emerging web hosting company, targeting Reseller Hosting business, with the only intention of offering exceptionally high end and reliable web hosting to its customers.

Expansion in 2006.

With steady expansion based on pure mouth-publicity, RSHosting started gaining popularity as one of the most reliable web hosting company offering reseller hosting and managed servers in UK and USA datacenters. With the increasing number of servers and hosted customers, RSHosting saw a promising growth and need for expansion. It was in year 2006 when Joe decided to have more management team players on board, allowing the operations to run swiftly while retaining the exceptional service quality of services.

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