How to install Let'sEncrypt SSL from cPanel?

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2020-01-01 15:04

RShosting offers free Let'sEncrypt SSL with all our web hosting plans as available at

Installing Let'sEncrypt SSL from cPanel is possible only if your domain name is resolving and pointing to our servers. Please make sure to confirm that your domain name is resolving to our servers.

Secure your website with free Let'sEncrypt SSL in just a few clicks, with this simple step by step guide:

  • Login to your cPanel 
  • Click on Security -> SSL / TLS Status
  • Select all your domain name prefixes and click on "Run AutoSSL"

This will install free Let'sEncrypt powered SSL for your website.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please initiate a live chat from our website or open a support ticket by visiting


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