How to login to cPanel control panel?

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cPanel control panel allows you to manage your web hosting account with features such as 

  • create / manage email accounts
  • create / managed mysql databases
  • upload files using File manager
  • View website stats and logs 
  • and many many more features


In order to login to cPanel, there are two methods :

  1. You can gain cPanel access by logging to your client portal at
  2. OR
  3. If your domain / website is resolving to our server then you can gain direct access using method similar to (where is the name of your domain)

  6. Login to cPanel from RSHosting client portal

  7. In order to access cPanel, you need to first login to RSHosting client portal at
  8. You will see a welcome dashboard showing your services and other information such as invoices etc.
  9. RShosting Client Portal



Once logged in, click on “Services” tab, you will see your subscribed web hosting services :

Web Hosting services



If you click on your active service, you will be taken to next screen which shows your cPanel summary and on left hand side you will see link which says “Login to cPanel”

Login to cPanel


Voila and done ! 🙂 You can now manage your web hosting from your cPanel control panel.

How to login to cPanel?

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