What is the difference between shared hosting, vps server and dedicated server hosting?

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2018-03-15 13:36

What is the difference between shared hosting, VPS server hosting and Dedicated server hosting?

There are different types of web hosting such as :

  • Shared Web Hosting

  • VPS or Cloud VPS server hosting

  • Dedicated Server hosting

Difference between shared hosting, vps server and dedicated server

Shared Web Hosting :

Shared hosting is like an appartment, where there are several people living in same building, sharing resources such as power, water supply, etc etc.

Imagine a large server with high configuration CPU, RAM and large Hard drives configured on a highspeed internet connection of several Gbps uplink connectivity. Such large server is used for shared hosting, where several shared hosting customer accounts are created, allocating a particular disk space to each of them, as per their subscribed hosting plan. Each customer is given their own control panel access, allowing them to manage their emails, upload files, manage databases etc. With several other customers in neighbourhood, shared hosting customers have to share server resources such as CPU, Memory, Bandwidth, Network speed etc. As a result each customer is restricted to use a certian amount of resources at any given time, so that they do not overload the server.

Since a server hosts several shared hosting customer websites, the cost of server is distributed among those customers, as a result shared hosting is cheap as compared to vps or dedicated server. However, on shared hosting server, customer is restricted to use allocated resources and do not enjoy 100% privacy due to sharing disk space and other resources.

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Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting:

VPS hosting is similar to a townhouse where customers have their small houses with individual privacy sharing the area premises.

A high configuration server is sliced into small servers also known as VPS or VDS (virtual dedicated server), each sliced VPS server having its own allocated resources and root access.

A VPS is ideal solution for someone who needs more resources as compared to shared hosting but cannot afford or do not have need of dedicated server resources.

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Dedicated Server Hosting:

Dedicated server hosting is similar to your own private big house, owned by you, you being the only owner, having 100% unrestricted access to all areas of your house, and enjoying all resources by your self such as power, water supply etc.

A dedicated server will come with dedicated resources for you as a customer, without any other customer sharing any of server resources. You will get 100% access i.e dedicated resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk Space, bandwidth, network connectivity.

Since you will not be sharing server resources with any other customer, you will be paying by yourself for the entire server, which results dedicated server to be expensive as compared to shared hosting or a vps server.

With dedicated server, you get more reliability because you will be sole responsibile for anything that happens on your server. You also get 100% privacy on your server because you do not have any one else hosted on your server.

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