How to optimize Wordpress website for faster loading speed in browser?

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2020-01-04 13:29

80% of the Wordpress websites on internet face slow loading time in browser, thus affecting your website performance and visitor retention.

At RShosting, we not only offer blistering fast wordpress website hosting at but also have few tweaks to share that will enhance your wordpress website loading time further.

  1. Make sure your cPanel account is configured to latest stable php version 7.3, as it offers exceptional improvment in terms of php performance as compared to older versions
  2. Login to your cPanel -> Software -> Optimize Website -> Compress all content. This will offer compression and enhance your website loading time by almost 25% 
  3. Login to your Wordpress admin panel and install a few plugins such as Smush and Lscache that enhance your website performance by almost 120% further. Smush is an image optimization plugin that compresses your image for faster lodaing in browser. Lscache is a super-accelerator plugin available free of cost with RSHosting Wordpress hosting plans. Lscache offers further options to configure and tweak your website performance.

For any further queries, please contact us at by initiating a live chat or opening a support ticket from your client portal.


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