How to install Wordpress in cPanel?

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2020-01-02 14:49

A step by step guide to install Wordpress from cpanel control panel using Softaculous.

  1. Login to your cpanel 
  2. Once logged in, go to Softaculous -> Wordpress
  3. Click on "Install Now"
  4. Choose the latest version for Wordpress. As of now it is 5.3.2
  5. Choose Location Url as "https://www.
  6. Make sure to delete "wp" from "In Directory" field, to install Wordpress in public_html i.e main website
  7. Configure the fields for Site Name, Description, Admin username, password etc
  8. In "Advanced Options" enable "Auto Upgrade - Upgrade to Minor versions only" and enable "Auto Upgrade WordPress Plugins" and "Auto Upgrade WordPress Themes"
  9. Enable "Automated backups - Once a Day" and "Backup Rotation - 1"
  10. Click on "Install" and enjoy..!!

Your website now has wordpress installed and ready to use!

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