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How to reinstall or restore Wordpress Core files only?

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It is possible that your WorPress website is giving error and has gone corrupt. There are several reasons for such error and one such reason could be an incomplete upgrade or a bad plugin etc.

When you have exhausted all your options to get your Wordpress website running, then the final solution is to restore Wordpress core files.

IMPORTANT: Before following our guide OR making any changes to your WordPress, please make sure to generate a full backup of your existing WordPress website (including files, databases etc) and download it to your local machine.

Reinstalling Wordpress Core files using FTP:

  1. Visit https://wordpress.org/download to download the WordPress .zip file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the file on your computer. This unpacks all WordPress files and directories.
  3. Within these files, rename the wp-content directory to wp-content_bk
  4. Copy existing wp-config.php file to wp-config.php_bk.
  5. Log into your site from your cPanel -> File Manager. Alternatively you can use your preferred FTP tool such as Filezilla etc.
  6. Upload all files and directories you just downloaded into your current site. When prompted, choose to overwrite the files on the server.
  7. Now copy the mysql database name, mysql username, mysql hostname and mysql password from the wp-config.php_bk to wp-config.php
Above method will help you restore Wordpress core files, and your  themes, plugins, database, and wp-content folder will not be affected.
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