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How to fix MultiByte String error for WP Simple Pay Lite Plugin?

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If you have Woocommerce installed, and using WP Simple Pay Lite plugin,  then it is likely that you will face error related to “MultiByte String” php extension not installed.

The error is similar to below image that you see

how to fix multibyte php error

Solution to fix MultiByte String php extension error

In order to fix the MultiByte String php extension error, you will first need to login to your cPanel control panel.

Please refer to our tutorial about how to login to your cPanel control panel.

Once logged in, please search for word “php” (without quotes), using cPanel search tool.

Fix multibyte php extension error

Now click on “Select PHP version” and you will see “PHP Selector”. PHP Selector is a Cloudlinux PHP tool, that allows to change PHP version or enable / disable PHP extensions for your account.

Please search for php extension “mbstring” (without quotes) in your browser. You will see a checkbox.

cPanel select php version

Checking the check box against “mbstring” as visible above, will enable MultiByte String php extension for your account.

You then need to refresh your WordPress admin dashboard, to view the changes reflected. The error should have vanished by now.

If you face any problem, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via live chat or by opening a support ticket .