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How do I pay my invoice using credit / debit card?

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At RSHosting, we use Paypal and 2Checkout to accept payments via credit / debit card. Although we use 2Checkout for card payments, we prefer “Paypal” as merchant gateway to accept card payments due to their seamless operations and robust integration with our billing system.

You can pay using your credit card by choosing “Paypal” as payment gateway (even though you do not have any existing Paypal account). You do not need to signup to Paypal in order to make your payment via your credit card.

Below tutorial will guide you about how to pay using your credit card and choosing Paypal payment gateway.

  • Login to your RShosting portal at https://www.rshosting.com/portal
  • Go to “Invoices” tab where you can find your due invoices
  • Click on the invoice and you will see invoice with Paypal checkout button
  • Click on the “Paypal checkout” button and you will be directed to paypal.com website where you will see screen similar to attached screenshot.

How to pay using credit card via Paypal

Now you need to click on “Pay by Debit or Credit Card”, after which you will be redirected to new screen which will ask you to enter your credit / debit card details and your address etc.

  1. Payment via credit card using Paypal
  2. Thats it !!.. You’r invoice will get marked as paid, without you having to open Paypal account, and paying via your Credit / Debit card.

    If you face any payment issues, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to initiate a live chat with us !