How to register domain name?

Having your own website is a matter of few minutes.

To have your own website, all you need is a domain name (an internet address that you can give to your website visitors), and a web hosting server where you can host your website.

In order to register your own domain and to order web hosting service, you need to first think of a suitable domain name.

Then visit our website at https://www.rshosting.com/web-hosting/

Choose the suitable server location for your website, such as UK or US. This server location choice will help you enhance SEO for your website targeted visitors.

We have three web hosting plans such as

Turbo Cloud Starter

Turbo Cloud Intermediate

Turbo Cloud Expert

Three plans are further categorised based on number of websites allowed under each of them, and the allocated server resources such as RAM, CPU etc

Click on “Get started” and our wizzard will further guide you to register your domain name, select the web hosting plan and complete your order.

Once your order is approved, you will receive login details to your server, which you can use to upload files and data for your website.